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About Me



Welcome to Art of Inspirations

My name is Farah Jiffry, I am a Holistic coach, artist, raiki/energy therapist, massage therapist, writer, pranic healer, poet, dancer, teacher, priestess, psychic and humanist.

Inspired by YOU and all living things around me I discovered myself and my passion in life that is to give unconditionally and Inspire you in creating a better life and a better world..
I work with the universal energy around us. Everything is energy therefor we are all connected reflecting the same energy of the univers.
As a child people, animals, nature fascinated me I was drawn by them. 
I have been very sensitive to energy as far as i can remember with time i learned to read, understand and use it to heal people and nature I can translate the energy into feelings and the feelings into answers.

After combining my skills and following many years of lessons from a Unani medicine woman and an energy therapist in the herbal institute for Ayurveda i learned healing, massage, energy therapy (reiki&chi) and herbal medicine.  My biggest strength and power comes from my heart my unconditional love for all living things. Thats where the magic come's from 'Love'.

I have bundle up all my skills, qualities, experiences and talents to make a difference. I transfer everything i have recieved in life through my work.
Psychology, coaching studies (CFR/ICF) and selfgrowth, awareness trainings (CSA), Qi gong, Reiki, Pranic healing, has serve me well in what i do.
Every moment in life is a lesson and a unique experience. With all my heart i dedicate my life in giving' and making a difference in the world. Im YOU! your reflection.

After improving my talents and spicing it up, here I am! Heart filled with overwhelming love and joy to do the one thing I love doing the most! Inspiring and guiding YOU.


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