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Coaching & Trainings
1. Creativity & Life Coaching
Creative coaching
To discover where your talents lye’s and learn how to use them by going through:

• The creative process
• The creative personality
• Existential reality
• Practical reality
• Human nature
• How to get there
2. Become Aware and discover your inner self 
• Develop clarity and Self-Awareness
• Change your thinking
• Grow, Evolve, Transform
 3. Career/work

Discover your strong and weak points focus on your qualities and abilities maximize your powers:

• Sales & Communication Skills
• Self Image, Self confidence
• Team work, Team building
4. Relationships & Love
Improve and built strong Relationships based on mutual respect, Love and trust

• Individual coaching
• Partner coaching

• Coaching in Parenting
• Coaching in Child and Parent relationship
(for parents who are having difficulties in reaching out to their kids / and kids who feels lonely and not understood by their parents)
• Coaching the younger generation
I also coach young
adults and children to increase their radiant Self, and inspire them to become aware of their body, spirit and mind and iprove their own creativity and inner power so that they can find the inner balance in their lives
5. Stress/fear  Find out what keeps you from living the life you deserve: deal with it and go forward
• Fear of failure
• Fear of being rejected
• Fear of speaking out
• Fear for changes
6. What is standing in your way?

• Understand the obstacles and where it comes from
• Find the source
• Give it a place
• Cleaning up & Starting fresh
7. Achieve any of your Goals & Targets
• By Leading you and inspiring you toward your goals
Get the best out of YOU.

You are not alone on the process of learning and transformation, I am commited to you in achieving your goals. I will be there walking next to you with every step you take and guide you in this journey.

The path to your happiness lies on the first step you take today.
YOU make it HAPPEN.




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