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I am Farah Jiffry Holistic Coach, welcome to my website art of inspirations. Inspired by You, Nature and Life, I dedicated my life to make a difference in others, by coaching, inspiring, healing and guiding you with all my heart and soul to help you discover your inner self, so that you can live with all your hearts, achieve your goals and inspire others. 

It's there in every one of us! The power to 'create', to make choices, to transform, to evolve, change or improve and get the best out of EVERYTHING' to reach our higher self, grow and achieve our dreams and be the person we truly are. 

Let your energy flow
Let your inner light glow
Let the universal light in
Let it heal you and awaken you
Let your inner powers come free
Let's get in touch with your heart's desires
Let's create the life of your dreams

My Services are:

1. Personal and Professional Coaching

2. Reiki Therapy & Pranic Healings (Qui)

3. Therapeutic recreational activities (in & out door's)

4. Reading

5. Meditation and Qui gong exercise

Take that STEP and see where it takes you. You are welcome to contact me for more information and/or services.

Enjoy the journey. You Are My Inspiration

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